Global Mars

Introducing Global Mars


*What is Global Mars? Global Mars is a GLOBAL education/outreach project, founded by Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum (NASM) CEPS intern and Planetary Scientist Hiruni Senarath Dassanayake.

*Global Mars consists of a planetary science passion-based curriculum that focuses on lessening the cycle of poverty in disadvantaged communities in the world.

*The Pilot Project 1 (PP1) took the Global Mars team to Matara, Sri Lanka to diffuse knowledge to under served students in the community. Read more about it [here].The assessment of the efficacy of the pilot project is on-going.

*What is the future of Global Mars? How can you help? We will give you more information on Global Mars and how you can help. SO STAY TUNED!!!!!

Abstract Publication:

Project Collaborators:

  • Sophia Deady: Smith College/Fulbright Fellow (Biologist, Chemist and Educator)

A big thank you to our visual and creative designer Ashley Serrano for creating the Global Mars logo.


  • Sophia Deady: This donation covered educational supplies for the students for the entire program.

Thank you for your generosity.

Press Coverage: 


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Social Media:


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